Linda Czuper

My passion is to give your child the tools to become a “Yes I Can Kid”- a “Yes I Can Kid with a “Can Do” attitude. These tools help kids pursue their dreams by enhancing self-confidence, self-responsibility, goal setting, as well as conquering peer pressure, test anxiety, and negative self-talk. Empowered kids need the skills to build social/emotional intelligence as well as academic intelligence.

As a 30-year veteran teacher (B.A./M.A.), I have worked with countless students and have seen first-hand what kids experience. The lucky kid learns to value his/her uniqueness and understand what makes him/her special.  They learn the tools to pursue their dreams, overcome challenges, and grow.

As a certified Wisdom Coach, I use stories, projects, activities, and problem-solving scenarios to empower kids.  As an Academic Tutor, I help guide students to reach their full potential.

Empowered Kids become Empowered Adults!

I am a proud mom of 4 grown sons and 9 grandchildren. I love working with kids and helping them fulfill their dreams. Academic and Empowerment Coaching works!!!

Empower your child to be a “Yes I Can Kid.”

Coach Linda is an amazing coach and teacher. She focuses on unlocking a students true potential, building confidence and success from now and forever!! My child loves Coach Linda. (parent of S.J)

Coach Linda taught me a lot of thing that make me smarter. I am a lot smarter today because she taught me I am really smart now. She knows how to teach and make me happy to learn. (E.F.)

My son greatly benefitted from working with Coach Linda. She helped lay a foundation for success. He is motivated to do his best and aims to get good grades and make good choices. He learned to take responsibility for his actions. My son loved working with Coach Linda. (parent of C.L)

Working with Coach Linda is amazing. You will learn really good stuff and be really smart. She taught me to take responsibility and learn from my mistakes. She taught me to Never say, “I can’t” say “I can I just have to figure how to do it.” She loves to say Believe in Yourself and the World will believe in you too. (Z.C.)

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