The Importance of Emotional Intelligence by Linda Czuper

According to the National Institute of Health pre-Covid 30% of tweens experience headaches or difficulty sleeping, 25% of kids ages 13 to 18 experience anxiety disorders. The World Health Organization reports that 10% of kids (1 in 10) are diagnosed as clinically depressed world wide. There has never been a greater need to give our children the skills they need to cope in this forever changing world. Instead of teaching emotional intelligence our schools are adding pressure with excessive district and state mandated tests. We are all dealing with pressures: Covid, lockdowns, digital learning, fear, anxiety, uncertainty. Did you know that 80% of your thoughts come from your subconscious mind? The subconscious mind is your filing cabinet holding your beliefs, your experiences, the story of your life and dictates how you respond to the world. Our children are looking to see how we are reacting to the events around us. Kids are building neural pathways in their brains and imprinting negative thoughts into their subconscious minds. These thoughts will influence how they respond to the world through adulthood. The brain is an amazing tool. It believes whatever you tell it. The good news is that kids can be taught tools and skills to reprogram their brains and operate through their conscious minds, creating positive outcomes. Brains can be trained to consciously use positive energy and positive thoughts and be mindful when negative subconscious thoughts invade. Kids learn they can control the way they think and the way they do things. 

Parents need to be cognoscente how they react to situations since reactions imprint in their child’s mind. Parents also should listen how children to talk themselves. If you hear negative self-talk encourage positive self-talk to train the brain. 

As a 30 year educator and a certified Adventures in Wisdom Kids Life Coach I have seen my clients learn to stand in their own power and believe in themselves. The Adventures in Wisdom curriculum uses stories, role playing, and activities to stimulate multiple intelligences in the brain. Kids learn how their brain works and the skills to be self-confident, embrace change, conquer fear, achieve goals, and stand in their “Power” to navigate life’s curve-balls and lead happy, fulfilled lives. Empowered kids become Empowered adults.

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