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30 year veteran teacher/empowerment coach Linda Czuper
Mindset Skills/Master Teacher/Tutor/Home School Support

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Linda Czuper

B.A./M.A.Ed., Gifted/ESOL endorsed, certified Adventure in Wisdom Coach

How would you like to give your child the gift of self-confidence and self-respect?

How would you like your child to have the tools to conquer anxiety and fear?

How would you like your child to navigate school and social situations with ease?

What if your child learned to set goals and turn their vision into action?

We can’t control our lives, but we can control how we react to them.

Give your CHILD the gift of learning: mind power skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, conquer fear, anxiety, embrace change, goal setting, peer pressure, academic success.

Empowered Kids become Empowered Adults

My purpose as a veteran teacher and kid’s empowerment coach is to empower kids through mindset and academic development. Kids learn how to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives so they can take their life, goals, and dreams wherever they want to go.

Academic success builds self-confidence and lets students learn they control how they react to events. Kids learn a bad grade in not who they are. They have the power to choose being in their own power rather than a victim where somebody else chooses for them. As a master teacher and curriculum expert I can help students strengthen academic skills in all academic areas. I can support in school or home school learning.

Couch Linda taught me it is o.k. to make mistakes. Mistakes make my brain grow and help me learn.
She taught me to believe in myself. She is the best coach in the whole world! (R. Z.)

Coach Linda helped me see that friends make me the best I can be. If I get in trouble with my friends, it is time to make new friends. If I believe in myself it doesn’t matter what others think. (A.N.)

Coach Linda read me stories about dragons and grungies. Dragon thoughts (negative thoughts) cause grungies (negative emotions). When I feel grungies I know I have to change my thinking (power shift). When I tell myself “I can’t”, “I can’t”, If I tell myself “I can, I just have to figure out how”, “I can”. I can close my eyes and see myself being successful. My mind believes what I tell it. (M.K.)

Coach Linda helped me learn if I am afraid I need to name my fear, draw it, write down how I am safe and how I can conquer my fear. I learned when I am afraid, my thinking makes me afraid. If I can power shift and think safe thoughts I am in control. (P.C.)

I was afraid to raise my hand in school because my reading wasn’t good and I didn’t understand. I felt bad. Coach Linda helped me learn to read better. I get better grades and am not afraid to raise my hand. I learned to believe in myself and be smarter. ( B.L.)

You have the mind power to make your dreams come true. Think it and your mind will deliver. Visualize it and make it happen.


678 480-8388